Ignite Payments® Clover™ Security Product

Ignite Payments® is a leader Security and Fraud solutions. This includes the most up-to-date protection throughout the payment processing chain to provide comprehensive data security and reduce your liability.
Our Clover™ Security product (formally TransArmor™) removes the need for merchants to store card data. We shift the burden of protecting cardholder data to the credit card processor, "not the merchant". While the functionality of sales returns, sales reports, and analysis remain fully the same.


Clover Security (Formally TransArmor Solution)

  • First Data® is a leader in leading the industry to secure customer transaction data.The First Data TransArmor solution is powerful payment card security that combines the flexibility of software- or hardware-based encryption with random-number tokenization technology. The TransArmor solution protects payment card data and prevents it from entering the merchant environment, so your systems never hold the actual card numbers from the transactions you process.
  • The TransArmor solution removes the need for merchants to store card data by replacing it with a randomly assigned number, called a 'token'. In doing so, TransArmor minimizes risk by reducing the scope of PCI compliance, shifts the burden of protecting cardholder data to First Data, and allows the 'token' to be used for other business and sales functions such as returns, sales reports, and analysis.
  • This advanced security technology addresses merchant concerns over card data protection, card data storage and the rising cost and complexity of PCI compliance.

Clover Security Solution Advantages

  • With the Clover Security solution, payment card data is protected at every transaction stage in transit, in use and at rest, reducing risk as well as the scope and cost of PCI compliance.

Key Components

  • Offers multiple encryption options. Payment card data is secured at the merchant point of sale prior to transmission using either software,or hardware-based encryption and is protected throughout the entire transaction.
  • Addresses root cause of data security issues. Tokenization technology helps ensure that payment card data never enters the merchant environment by replacing it with a random-number token, which has no value outside of the merchant environment.
  • Removing payment card data from merchant systems also removes it from PCI scope, minimizing the time and resources needed to meet PCI requirements.
  • Preserves a unique card-based ID, Token numbers can be used in place of the original card number for business functions without risk of storing card data or breaking processes
  • Easily implemented and maintained. No additional hardware, changes to back-end systems or employee training is typically required.
  • Access to data as First Data retains access to the secure data and translates card numbers to randomly assigned token values when needed for customer interactions such as adjustments, retrievals, recurring payments and chargebacks


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