Clover™ TeleCheck® Services

Ignite Payments® offers businesses like yours payment processing solutions that securely accept cards, checks and ACH payments in todays ever changing marketplace.
TeleCheck® is a leading service provider of paper and electronic check services. For over 40 years, TeleCheck has helped businesses safely and efficiently accept check payments at the point-of-sale. The service warrantees check funds and can converts paper checks in to electronic payments (ECA™).


The Ignite Payments advantage is that we have an extensive portfolio of innovative payment acceptance solutions designed to help you get more value from every transaction. Choose from card payment solutions that securely process card payments quickly and TeleCheck solutions that leverage an extensive database of check-writer history to help guarantee the funding of checks.

  • Innovative payment and security solutions designed to increase customer ROI by increasing revenue, while decreasing costs and risks
  • Convert a paper check into an electronic transaction right at the point-of-sale with TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance™ service
  • Accept debit cards and credit cards quickly and securely for major credit cards


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