Ignite Payments® Retail POS & Restaurant Managment

Point of Sales Systems
Ignite Payments® offers fully integrated POS solutions that help simplify your payment processing needs. Our merchant accounts can also integrate with other POS systems.
  • Hardware and software to streamline your checkout, manage, promote and grow your business...
  • High Approval Rate Merchant Accounts with Fast Boarding
  • Retail Inventory POS Systems
  • Restuarant Managment POS Systems
  • Our Merchant Accounts are also compatible with numerous pos  systems


We offer First Data® brand P.O.S. systems along with First Data's innovative Clover™ line. POS systems and equipment designed specifically for the retail and restaurant markets. Our P.O.S. systems offer inventory and/or restaurant management software along with integrated payment processing. Solutions designed to help control costs, replace cash registers, improve customer service and better guide business decisions. The integrated software also allows you to create tailored sales programs to drive store traffic


    Ignite Payments | First Data Retail POS System

  • Hardware and software to streamline your checkout, manage, promote and grow your business.

    Ignite Payments | Clover Station™

  • The newest line of P.O.S. equipment that is revolutionizing the payment industry.

    Ignite Payments |Restaurant Managment POS

  • Hardware and software to manage your restauant and grow your business.

    Custom Point-of-Sale Solutions

  • Ignite Payments merchant accounts are compatible and recommended by POS solution providers.

Let Us Help You Grow your Business with the Right POS Solution!


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