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Merchant Account Products
Ignite Payments® offers fully integrated POS solutions that help simplify your payment processing needs. Our merchant accounts can also integrate with other POS systems.
  • High Approval Rates Merchant Accounts with Fast Boarding
  • Retail Inventory POS Systems
  • Restuarant Managment POS Systems
  • Our Merchant Accounts are compatible with other systems
  • Our Latest merchant account products & services

    Merchant Account Agents
    Sales Agent Hotline 1-800-770-1838
    Get answers to your questions about accepting credit cards, or any of the POS solutions shown here [...]
    We are a leading in Ecommerce merchant accounts. Preferred by leading ecommerce shopping cart vendors. [...]
    Clover POS
    Clover™ POS Solution
    The POS system that is revolutionizing the industry with an easy to setup and use cloud based POS system. [...]
    Clover Mobile
    Clover™ Mobile
    An advanced cloud based wiress credit card terminal that can expand into full POS functionality [...]
    Mini Smart Terminal
    Clover Mini
    One of the smartest and most versatile credit card machines in the industry. A cloud based smart terminal. [...]
    Clover Go Reader
    Clover GO Card Reader
    A cloud based card ready that can scale with your Clover POS System [...]
    First Data Point of Sale
    Retail POS & Inventory Solution
    Retail inventory management system that integrates with your Ignite Payments merchant account [...]
    Restaurant POS
    Restaurant POS Solution
    Restaurant management and point-of-sale system includes hardware as well as restaurant POS software [...]
    Restaurant Pay-at-the-Table
    Restaurant Pay-at-the-Table
    Find out about our Ignite Payments pay-at-the-table credit card processing terminals [...]
    Wireless Terminals
    Mobile Wireless Products
    Mobile and Wireless Credit Card Processing Machines and Merchant Accounts [...]
    Credit Card Readers
    Mobile Credit Card Readers
    Simple, fast, and affordable credit card processing for your iPhone, Andriod or other smartphone [...]
    Petroleum Merchant Accounts
    Petroleum & Convenience Store
    Apply for a petroleum merchant account and process for less then traditional merchant accounts [...]
    Quick Service Restauants (QSR)
    Payment acceptance solutions that allow for no signature at checkout. Perfect for busy checkout lines [...]
    Virtual Terminal
    Virtual Terminal
    Use a card reader and virtual terminal as a low cost  alternative to a POS system or terminal [...]
    Gift Cards
    Gift Card and Loyalty Programs
    Get more customers into your business and keep them coming back with branded, pre-paid gift cards [...]
    TeleCheck® Check Services
    Provides electronic check conversion (ECA), check warrantee and check verification services * [...]
    Business Funding
    Business Funding Cash Advance
    Get the cash your business needs to grow with an advance on your future credit card processing sales [...]
    PCI Compliance
    PCI Payment Card Industry Security
    Information about Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard also known as PCI DSS [...]
    Credit Card Equipment Leasing
    Equipment Leasing
    Stay compliant by leasing the latest PCI compliant credit processing terminals and equipment [...]
    Virtual Checks | Checks by Phone
    The Virtual Check service allows ecommerce/mail order businesses to accept checks online [...]
    Clover Security (TransArmor™)
    Revolutionary payment data security service available to Ignite Payments merchants in the U.S. [...]
    Ignite Payments Partnership
    Referral Partnerships
    Ignite Payments offers a wide range of partner referral programs designed to add a new revenue stream [...]

    Mobile Solutions
    Clover Go MobilePay Solutions
    Clover Mobile is a smartphone card reader that allows you to turn your phone into a credit card terminal [...]
    POS Credit Card Terminals
    Clover & First Data Terminals
    Our merchant accounts integrate with leading credit card terminals and POS systems [...]
    POS Systems
    POS Solutions
    Our merchant accounts integrate with most POS systems and payment gateways [...]